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Creating an awesome movie is easier today than ever before. On a small budget you can now get professional quality video equipment and put together a movie that can get you noticed and make you money. Just look at the current movie market. Some of the most successful movies that make tens of millions of dollars are not the big blockbusters that required expensive special effects or well known actors. Movie's like Blair Witch Project have proven that you don't need a big budget to be successful. What you do need however is to become acquanited with the tricks and secrets of making a great movie.

Movie Making - Standing apart from the competition

Today there are millions of people who make movies. Some make short movies to put them on Youtube. Other people like shooting more traditional style movies. All the time more and more of these amateur filmakers are starting to get noticed. No longer do you need luck and a great agent for your movies to be seen. The Internet has changed that.

But what makes the difference between success and just another movie nobody watches?  First of all you need your movie to tell a compeling story. The plot must grab your audience quickly. Today there are many entertainment options so you want to make sure you spend your time doing the right things.

Learning how to take good shots

Once you have a strong idea and have visualized it in your mind, it is important to story board the scenes. This is where some skill comes in and it takes practice. A good movie director walks the audience through a story by smooth transitions and shots. This requires creative and technical skills.

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